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Vinyl & Brush is an entertainment production company, proudly standing as a beacon of creativity in the heart of California.

We believe storytelling is a powerful catalyst for change, a conduit through which empathy blossoms. Also when it's done with craft...

damn good fun.

Welcome to Vinyl & Brush

                             vista avante garde. 


We are excited to be working on several shorts and an original audio drama podcast. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on all the happenings!


Born in 2020, Vinyl & Brush embarked on a profound mission to forge a transformative path, empowering storytellers from every corner of the world, amplifying the voices of those who have long yearned to be heard. A minority-owned and led company, V&B brings an inherit form of style that can't be quantified. 

At the helm of our passionate is a visionary team, that pours their souls into crafting work that transcend boundaries and ignites wonder in the hearts of audiences. Our commitment to excellence is primary, as we fervently strive to create captivating content that mirrors the kaleidoscope of human experiences in ways never before realized.  

We are excited for our upcoming projects: The Worst Parts, Outkasts and Rhythm of a Payday. 


V&B Founder: Dante Rose

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